Spinnereistraße 7,
Halle 14 / 2. OG / Eingang B,
04179 Leipzig
0341 35578570
SpinLab - The HHL Accelerator


We support entrepreneurial teams in growing and creating innovative businesses. Our mission is to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in the center of Germany and beyond by providing hands-on guidance to startups and spin-offs. Entrepreneurial teams remain independent – we won’t do your job for you – but we can help you to achieve incredible results through our tailored program.



We welcome, and encourage, all startups that are developing concepts in the fields of eHealth, energy, and Smart City to apply for our program. We will also accept technology concepts that can support companies that are already established in our areas of concentration.


The infrastructure of the City of Leipzig, paired with our official status as one of the twelve technology hubs for the Digital Hub Initiative, allows us to offer special incentives to startups that are developing concepts in these three fields.



We connect you with great hands-on coaches and mentors with experience in your industry and in technology in general. Our mentors are well-known experts who support you strategically during the program and help you to solve concrete technical or managerial problems.

Next to coaching & mentoring we offer a wide range of workshops during the program. Workshops (including Pitch Trainings) are typically scheduled to occupy 10-15 days of each month of the program on site. We combine this with our hybrid learning and training program to give startups not based in Leipzig to have greater flexibility with their commitments, and their time physically at the SpinLab to benefit from our program in-person.